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My name is Elodie, I come from Belgium. After getting a diploma in Journalism then in Teaching, I studied energy healing and hypnotherapy at the age of 26. After of a year of training, I graduated from the USA National Guild of Hypnosis. My teacher is Lee Pascoe, senior hypnotherapy instructor, born in Australia, trained with the masters in the US. After my diploma, I opened a practice straight away, because I had become passionate about this healing technique. I'm now 33 years old, and I practiced mainly in Brussels (Belgium) and South of France, on a daily basis. 

Five years ago, I went to Penang to volunteer in Cheshire Handicap Home for a month, giving collective and individual sessions. This center is accommodating around twenty-five adults suffering from various handicap, both physical and mental, and is also a daily care center for a few people going back to their families in the night. I worked together with the senior and junior physiotherapists, and they provided a translation in Malay language so that even retarded people could follow the instructions. After less two weeks, the staff noticed significant changes in the behavior of the pensioners, becoming less aggressive and calmer in their daily life. To me, this first experience in Malaysia was very important, very interesting and an amazing way to enter the culture. Since then, I've been on an off in this beautiful country. 

I am traveling a lot and I became a writer too. I already published three books, and I'm working on the fourth one. I'm very found of Asia, and I wish now to live part time in Malaysia. I am currently staying in Kampung Janda Baik, I love this place because I value very much the contact with nature and the simplicity of life. That is where you will be able to find me, if you wish to take a deeper journey inside of yourself. Believe me, I've traveled a lot, and nothing is more interesting that discovering what lies inside of yourself...

After spending some time helping building a simple wooden house with my friend, I wish now to offer my knowledge and service to people around Kg. Janda Baik and Kuala Lumpur. With all my heart, I want to help people to reconnect to themselves, to heal, to be happy and peaceful and to make the best out of this precious life. 

As you can notice, my English is not perfect, and my Malay is still very basic, but I'm used to give sessions in English, in Brussels or abroad. You might just have to forgive my French accent and some structure mistakes... You don't need to be perfectly fluent in English to be hypnotized. However, if you don't feel comfortable with normal conversations in English, you might want to bring along someone you trust to translate for you. There is no problem for me if someone else wants to attend the session with you. The most important is that you feel comfortable. You can also translate in Malay for your children in case they don't speak English. 

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René Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifié

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Elodie Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifiée

0486 10 69 72 


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Reprise des séances en 2024 à Purnode 

(Province de Namur, région de Dinant)


Pour les personnes qui ont déjà fait au minimum une séance d'hypnose, il est possible d'organiser une séance par skype sur demande. Vive la technologie au service de l'humain !