Can my children and teenagers be hypnotized ?

Actually, I'm sorry to say that, but they might succeed much better and easier than you in traveling inside of themselves! Their imagination is still very open and free from too much conditioning. 

Children should be above 7 year old, just because they need some concentration. But I worked with younger ones for special cases and it was possible, we simply have to make very short sessions and allow them to move around a bit more. 

Teenage is a very though time for everyone. Teenagers go through challenges and questions that will give shape to their future. In fact, the way they respond now to these issues will create programs in their brain that tend to remain in their adult life. That is why I strongly recommend to start hypnosis at that time. The brain is still very open, flexible and easy to reprogram. Moreover, why would they wait until they are adults to solve their problems, to find self-esteem, to know how to make a decision that is truly what they want, or to clean their traumas? The sooner the better. Teenagers are fast learners. The skills they learn with hypnotherapy stay with them all life long.

This is the kind of valuable present you can give to your children, to help them build a creative and resourceful future, to become self-confident happy adults. 

And I have to say that I truly love working with kids. They are great at hypnosis. I feel that they are so lucky to get in touch with themselves in that way, being so young. I have a deep pleasure and satisfaction helping them. Don't hesitate to bring them for a day out in Kg. Janda Baik, give them a nature getaway and a therapy at the same time... 

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