What happens during a session ?

Let me explain you the steps of a regular session. It will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Of course, after the first session, we might shape special sessions, regarding to your questions and needs.) 

First we take some time, around 20 minutes, to talk. During that moment, I listen to you and I make sure I understand well your objective, your intention for the session. I ask you a few questions about your health and other considerations that I need to know before we start to work together. This time also allows you to get used to me, to my energy, and feel more comfortable. Some people need that time to be longer, especially for the first session. It is up to you. 

Then, we get started. There will be a small exercise with your two hands, designed to get concentrated and aligned with yourself, to connect to your inner rhythm and give control to your subconscious, and to slowly close the doors of the outside world perceptions and enter your inner universe perceptions. 

Next step is to relax your body and help it to let go of outside sensations. We go through a relaxation exercise, filling your body with blue light.

Then we need to relax your critical and rational mind (left brain), to allow it to rest. Another exercise comes in here, to achieve this step and be ready to create images and sensations with your right brain. 

Now you are ready to start the exploration. We go deeper inside your consciousness using a stairway. As you walk down, you get closer to your center. At the bottom of the stair, you reach this special space inside of you where you have the possibility to get any information or resource you need, to connect to any memory, to listen to the messages of all the parts of your body. 

From this center, we need to create an elevator, as it will be the means we give to your subconscious to guide you where it want to take you, knowing your healing intention. You step into the elevator, I help you to let it move, and once it has reached its destination, you will start talking to me to describe what you perceive around you. 

You might arrive in a memory of the past, in a part of your body, or in a symbolic world that looks like dream. You will move, act, change what you want to change, receive what you need, remove what you don't need anymore, transform your memories, reprogram. This is your inner reality, everything is possible, it is limitless. 

My role is then to help you perceiving, to support you in any direction you decide to take, and to give you some tips if needed. You will be totally free to make your own choices, and in any cases I will guide you. 

I also guarantee your security during this journey in your own world, and I can take you to a safe inner space at any time, a beautiful natural place where you can rest, recharge your energy, or think about what you want to do with a difficult memory or person. 

Be aware that connecting to your inner universe might not be easy straight away. Usually the first session is a discovery session. Images are not so clear and sometimes it is hard to keep the concentration stable. The second session is already much deeper. You shouldn't expect to feel like in a 3D cinema. What we experience is more subtle, and we work a lot with emotions. Each person is different and can find his own way to receive the information. Training in self hypnosis with what you felt during the first session makes an amazing difference in your daily life, and for the next sessions. 

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René Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifié

35 rue des champs

6791 Athus

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063 433 903


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Elodie Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifiée

0486 10 69 72 


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Reprise des séances en 2024 à Purnode 

(Province de Namur, région de Dinant)


Pour les personnes qui ont déjà fait au minimum une séance d'hypnose, il est possible d'organiser une séance par skype sur demande. Vive la technologie au service de l'humain !