How much is it ?

My deepest wish is to help all human beings to heal, to be happy, free from suffering, and at peace, and I wish I could do it for free, but I also need to live somewhere, to eat, to use transportation and so on, so I had to come back to reality... Wherever I am, I work on a donation basis, and I don't want financial difficulties to be an obstacle to come to me. Therefore, I propose to my patients to give a basis of 150 RM for a session (1h30), more if they can afford it, and less if it is not possible. I keep my donation basis fee very low compared to the current professional fees in hypnotherapy standards. I do this so I can attend or offer my help to even people with lower income. I trust each one to give what seems fair to one's consciousness, considering one's income. Money issues should not be an obstacle, so please let me know if any financial help is needed regarding my fees. 


Children and teenagers sessions are usually shorter, so for them my donation basis fee is only 100 RM. Especially for them, this fee should not stop you. If you cannot afford it, let me know, we will find a way. 

I can also offer group workshop to teach self-hypnosis. These sessions last for two hours at least, with up to 15 persons. I give collective instructions, and each one will see different pictures. We go through five different exercises, giving different experiences and visualisations. After each exercise, we take some time to share or to answer questions. Nobody is forced to talk. Each person is free to keep his experience for himself or to share part of it with the group. It is not a group therapy. It is very deep but also great fun and full of surprises. I highly recommend it for families if the children are over 10 years old, for groups of friends, for small work team. It is an amazing and exclusive activity for team building, as you can imagine. 

If you feel like offering an outstanding experience to your team or your friends, come together with them and enjoy a truly bounding activity. This is a unforgettable gift that will provide them with knowledge and tools for a happier life !

Basis donation fee for a group workshop is 50 RM per person for two hours, or two and a half hours. If you have special requests or special needs, I'll be happy to shape my training to support you. 

For any question, please contact me

René Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifié

35 rue des champs

6791 Athus

(province du Luxembourg)

063 433 903

Contact et plan d'accès

Elodie Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifiée

0486 10 69 72

En congé parental, activité limitée


Reprise des séances en 2024 à Purnode 

(Province de Namur, région de Dinant)


Pour les personnes qui ont déjà fait au minimum une séance d'hypnose, il est possible d'organiser une séance par skype sur demande. Vive la technologie au service de l'humain !