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Elodie MOPTY


Feel free to contact me by phone or by email. 

I live in a guesthouse in Kg Janda Baik, Pahang State. It is a forty minutes drive outside KL. As you come here, you will have a chance to enjoy the fresh air and the green surroundings of the nature. It is a great help for relaxing your mind already. 

This is the precise adress : 

Zaini Guesthouse

Lot 491, Kg. Hulu Lurah


28780 Bentong

Pahang Darul Makmur


Here is a map to get to Zaini Guesthouse, where I live.


If for some reason you cannot come here, I could consider coming down to KL too, and make a home session. In this case, I would prefer to come for two appointments in a raw, because it will require a lot of organization on my side. (I am still not allowed to drive on the left side with my Belgian driving license!). Perhaps you can find a friend or a family member that would enjoy to give it a try too ?

René Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifié

35 rue des champs

6791 Athus

(province du Luxembourg)

063 433 903

Contact et plan d'accès

Elodie Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifiée

0486 10 69 72

En congé parental, activité limitée


Reprise des séances en 2024 à Purnode 

(Province de Namur, région de Dinant)


Pour les personnes qui ont déjà fait au minimum une séance d'hypnose, il est possible d'organiser une séance par skype sur demande. Vive la technologie au service de l'humain !