Is hypnotherapy for me ?

Hypnotherapy offers a deep access to your full potential and your unlimited abilities, including self-healing at all levels of your being. In my opinion, nothing is impossible. I have seen miracles that pushed further my idea of what is possible to achieve. I give you here some ideas of the situations in which hypnosis give significant results.

Are you working under a lot of stress, or facing professional challenges? Would you need to improve your self-confidence and your ability to deal with difficult people and issues at work? Would you like to develop your full potential and take steps to realize your dreams?

Are you suffering from anxiety, insomnia or phobias ? These problems are rooted in your past experiences, whether you can remember or not, for sure, your body and your mind keep a very strong memory about it. What if you could clean these memories and start fresh?

Did you go through a traumatizing experience? Do you realize that this trauma could still influence your reactions and behavior today, consciously or unconsciously? Do you know that you are the only one that can possibly have access to this precise memory? Would you like to have some help to guide you and help you pacify this trauma?

Are you stuck with a physical problem, causing you pain and discomfort? Would you like to know why your body is creating this particular problem? You should understand that your body is actually sending you a message about your life, an indication to change important things there. If you decide to listen, you might be surprise to discover how wise your body truly is...

Do you find yourself in a heavy emotional situation, with a feeling of helplessness, depression, sadness? Perhaps you don't know what to do anymore to become this beautiful person you know you can be. The resource you need to set yourself free and see the bright sight of life are just here, inside of you. They might be hidden, or buried, but it's just up to you to go and find them. The world needs happy shiny people like you! Isn't it time to get better?

Are you lacking of energy, always tired? Are you trying to find energy into food, coffee or Coke? What if I told you that deep inside of you is the source of your personal energy, always available, and you could activate it whenever you wanted? Would you like to discover it?

Are you addicted to cigarets, to medications, to alcohol, to gambling, to drugs? Do you wish to find a door out of this nightmare? This door is inside of you. With appropriate help, you can find it, and take your life back from your addictions. 

Are you experiencing a cancer or a heavy disease that requires chemotherapy, and suffering from side effects? We can go deeper into your system and help your body to accept the medications and lessen the side effects. You don't have to loose your hair or to take days to recover after an injection. You can learn to develop a deep caring relationship to your body. 

Are you in this moment of change in your life, having to make decisions and taking steps to move on? Do you find it difficult to know which decision is the best for you? Nobody else but you can know that. So if your conscious mind doesn't know the answer, for sure it lies deeper inside of you. You already know what direction to take. Let's just dive inside and find out what are the challenges of your life, and how to make the best out of it. 

Are you an artist, wishing to increase your creativity, to find new sources of inspiration? Take a dive inside of your own reservoir of inner images and deepest visions...

Do you have an intense spiritual life? Would you like to explore new connections to the divine, and empower your spiritual awareness? This vast subject is a field that I investigate a lot for myself, and whatever faith you have, I would be happy to take you a step further to deepen it... 

If you find yourself in one or several of these situations, please don't feel stuck, sorry and helpless. Hypnotherapy can open a door for you, and allow some big changes to happen. Take a step to support this beautiful being that you are! Find out how we can work together on that, and don't hesitate to contact me for any more specific question. 


Please notice that hypnotherapy is considered as short therapy. This means that you can expect results from the very ,first session, and you don't need to come every week, but once you received the information from inside of you, you take time to integrate and apply it, then you might do another session. A few sessions (three or four) are usually enough to have very important results. 


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