Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, absolutely ! I need two ingredients to make it work : your free will to connect to your deeper self, and your confidence in me. I am at your service, and I will do anything needed to deserve your trust. But I cannot force you to go into a hypnosis state. 

Of course, some people are more receptive to hypnosis suggestions. It is said that 20% of the population is considered as “very good subject”. These people can perceive very clearly with their five senses, and “live it” as if it was real. 

For the rest of us, including me, it is a more subtle experience, where you need to trust your intuition, your impressions, and slowly tame yourself to get more and more intimate with what is your own inner world. My role is to help you in this process, at your rhythm own pace. 

Children and teenagers are especially receptive at hypnosis, because their mind is more opened to imagination and intuition. They benefit a lot from a session, and I enjoy very much working with them. 

René Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifié

35 rue des champs

6791 Athus

(province du Luxembourg)

063 433 903

Contact et plan d'accès

Elodie Mopty

Hypnothérapeute certifiée

0486 10 69 72

En congé parental, activité limitée


Reprise des séances en 2024 à Purnode 

(Province de Namur, région de Dinant)


Pour les personnes qui ont déjà fait au minimum une séance d'hypnose, il est possible d'organiser une séance par skype sur demande. Vive la technologie au service de l'humain !